Personal Smelling Salts

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Product Description

New "old" fashioned personal smelling salts! What? You say?
Never leave home with out them!

These adorable glass bottles will hold the power you choose. You can choose a scent to relax you, to lift you up, to energize you, to help you sleep, to help you calm down, to help you sleep,to put you in the "mood", or whatever your needs may be!

They are scented ONLY with essential oils and contain salts to hold the scent! They come in a decorative glass bottle with a beaded cork top that can be added to favorite chain, to your lapel via a pin, or just to be carried around in your purse for when ever you may need them.

The glass bottle itself is 1 1/2" tall, with the cork and decorative beaded top, can be up to 3"


Energize Me
Relax Me
Lullaby Me
Wake Me
Romance Me

If you'd like a custom us...we'll be happy to work with you on the scent!

IF you have any sensitivity to certain scents, or if you have questions about a certain scent, please feel free to contact us with any questions!

NOT to be given to children under 16. NOT to be ingested.

No choice right now on beaded top, but you can put request in message to seller with your choice of scent and we will do the best we can!

Personal Smelling Salts Personal Smelling Salts Personal Smelling Salts

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Natural Soaps, body scrubs, body butters, bath & skin oils, hair oils, bath salts, aroma therapy blends, all hand made with the most natural ingredients we can find. Product made in small batches to assure you the freshest product.
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